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Personality and Performance

The book Personality and Performance: How to be effective happy and useful by Mark Howell, the founder of The Personality Revolution, sets out the model of personality that underpins our personality guidance services. You can buy the book by clicking here or on the book cover image to the left.

The book will help you understand your personality traits and explain how they influence your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Once you have read it, you will understand how your environment, including your workplace, family and other groups, influence your emotional state, and levels of motivation and performance. The free personality test on this site will help you relate your personality to the concepts discussed in the book.

This book will also help you to:

  • understand why sometimes you experience low moods, stress or depression, lack motivation or feel unfulfilled;
  • understand how people with differing personality traits interact to create social dynamics within human groups that affect your mental health; and
  • identify a role in life that can give you a sense of purpose and deliver feelings of happiness.

The book adopts a step-by-step approach that ultimately delivers a toolkit which you can use to escape from episodes of stress and low moods, and maintain a positive frame of mind.