The Personality Revolution The Personality Revolution


We help individuals from a wide range of backgrounds improve their understanding of their personalities. We provide them with the insight and tools to enable them to position themselves more appropriately within society, and to negotiate difficulties that they encounter more effectively.

With our support, our clients derive more enjoyment and satisfaction from work, family and life in general. They become self-empowered, acquiring knowledge and skills that help them to take control of their lives and develop a sense of purpose.

Often, the changes that people need to make to their lives to experience improved mental health are quite small. Sometimes, all that is needed is for a client to view his or her circumstances from a different perspective. Occasionally, however, more significant life changes are required such as a career change or the severing of damaging relationship.

Making changes to your lifestyle can be difficult. It requires courage, determination and resilience. We are all affected by the social dynamics of the groups to which we belong. The culture of these groups and attitudes of important people within them can inhibit people from instituting change. In some cases, clients have already worked out what they need to do, but need a second opinion to give them confidence to take the first steps.

We work with individuals in one to one sessions in person or remotely through Skype. We deliver our guidance in a way that gives the client a deep insight into their personality at an early stage. Clients normally feel enlightened within three  or four sessions. Sometimes, a client will have a lightbulb moment that allows him or her to see a troublesome situation in a new light. Other clients gradually reach an accommodation with their personalities over a longer period of time as they review their journey through life and ambitions in the context of their newly acquired knowledge.