The Personality Revolution The Personality Revolution

Getting involved

The Personality Revolution aims to counteract the negative effects of individualism and empower those who wish to see the creation of a global sustainable society. This page suggests ways of helping to make this happen.


Modern technology has propelled us into an individualistic society. Group structures, including families and communities, have disintegrated as people have pursued enjoyable experiences and built online friendship networks. Since the financial crisis, however, the forces of capitalism have been undermining public services. In the absence of strong social support networks, increasing numbers of people have been struggling to cope.

Local, geographic communities still have value. People who engage with them learn how to get on with people with different personalities, promoting tolerance and compromise. Communities encourage people to take responsibility, both for their behaviour and in terms of volunteering time. Doing more business and socialising locally also reduces a person's carbon footprint and helps maintain the strength of local economies.

There are any ways to get involved in local communities. Community groups usually depend on the contribution of a few key volunteers for their survival and often struggle to recruit helpers. There will be roles that suit you, so we encourage you to play your part.

Social Enterprise

The disintegration of communities has created many opportunities for people with social consciences to deliver projects and establish organisations focused on restoring support networks and a sense of community. If you are have an idea for a community project or social enterprise, a comprehensive list of funding providers can be found on the School for Social Entrepreneurs Website.

One of the best options for people who are new to social enterprise is UnLtd as it is one of the few organisations that funds individuals as opposed to organisations. It also offers mentor support:


Politics is important. The people that we elect make important decisions that affect most aspects of our lives. In modern society, too many people take democracy for granted and do not engage in political debate or join political parties. They expect politicians to act in their best interests, but do little to actually hold them to account.

We encourage people to play their part by getting involved with political parties and campaigning groups. You may need to experiment before you find where your political views fit in, but if you buy the book, it will accelerate this process as it will explain how personality traits relate to political viewpoints.