The Personality Revolution The Personality Revolution

How to be effective, happy and useful

The Personality Revolution specialises in helping people to be effective, happy and useful at work and in their personal lives by improving their understanding of their personalities, feelings and behaviours, and guiding them towards more appropriate roles and environments. 

  • Do you suffer from stress or low moods?
  • Do you lack direction or a sense of purpose?
  • Do you struggle to fit in?

Modern society is complicated and  fast-paced. We are forced to carry out tasks that we find unrewarding or difficult. Many people do not have a clear understanding of their talents and skills, or work in places with demotivating or abusive cultures. At home, families have disintegrated or spread out geographically.  As a result, increasing numbers of people are experiencing anxiety, frustration, stress, low moods or depression.

Humans have evolved to live in groups and support each other. You will have a natural role within the human group structure, which will be dictated by your personality traits. If you perform it, you will experience feelings of enjoyment, exhilaration, contentment and fulfilment. If you are prevented from fulfilling your role or try to operate beyond its boundaries, you will experience negative feelings. We tend to resort to short-term remedies for such feelings, like coffee or alcohol. If a person seeks medical advice, he may be prescribed anti-depressants or other medication. It is, though, natural to experience negative feelings. They tell us when we are lacking in stimulation, carrying out inappropriate tasks or failing to invest sufficiently in our support networks. They are therefore prompts to take remedial action.

If you understand your personality traits and how they relate to your environment, including the people you associate with, you are much more likely to develop a sense of purpose and achieve feelings of happiness. We help people to achieve such an understanding and to use it to position themselves more appropriately within society.

The program and techniques we use are based on the personality model created by Mark Howell, the founder of The Personality Revolution. There are no magic solutions and some people who are prone to experience negative feelings will continue to do so throughout their lives. However, with an understanding of the root causes of anxiety, stress and depression and a commitment to implement changes, it is possible to find a pathway to wellbeing.