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The PRTI personality test

Welcome to our personality test – The Personality Revolution's Trait Indicator (PRTI).

If you are an existing or potential client, please click the box on the next page and fill in your personal details.They will remain confidential and will be deleted once the client relationship ends. See our Privacy Policy for more details. If you are completing the test simply as a purchaser of the book or a casual user, please proceed without entering any personal details.

The test consists of 40 statements against which you must select one of the following responses: Strongly agree, Agree, Slightly agree, Slightly disagree, Disagree and Strongly disagree. It should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Please read and consider each statement carefully otherwise you may give misleading responses. The test has been designed to detect your underlying personality traits. However, your behaviour will be influenced by societal values and other environmental factors. For example, some people are naturally helpful while others exhibit this behaviour because they are conforming to family or religious values. Your behaviour will therefore change when your circumstances alter or you move to a different environment. As a result, your actions will not always be representative of your personality traits. When considering your response to a statement in the test, you should report your behaviour in average conditions.

At the end of the test your personality will be represented on four spectrums: Extraversion, Openness, Indifference and Opportunism. Please note that no explanation of the test results is provided online. You will need a copy of our client materials in order to interpret the results.