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We help organisations to improve their internal dynamics by identifying the causes of dissatisfaction within the workforce and relationship breakdowns between employees, and offering solutions. Our aim is to help organisations to become more sustainable by developing balanced, positive cultures that motivate employees, and by improving the fit between employees and their job roles.

To be successful in the long term, an organisation must develop a positive culture that motivates employees, contractors and volunteers. The nature of this culture will vary from organisation to organisation depending on its purpose. However, a balance needs to be struck between behaviours that generate productivity such as creativity and marketing, and those that improve reliability and strengthen the foundations of the organisation in other ways. Leaders of organisations must adopt a management style which instils confidence in employees and other stakeholders. 

We can help to resolve poor dynamics at any level of an organisation. Sometimes, relations within a team can deteriorate as a result of the actions or inaction of a single individual. Once the causes of that person's behaviour have been identified, the solution may be as simple as adjusting his responsibilities or removing him from that team. Sometimes, however, an organisation can suffer from an unhealthy culture, in which case senior management will need to institute wider reaching reforms.

We do not agree to work for an organisation unless our brief allows us to raise concerns about its general culture. An organisation cannot achieve sustainability unless members of its leadership team are prepared to listen to constructive criticism, and to make changes to their own practices and behaviours as a consequence.

We help leaders of organisations to understand the social and power dynamics of organisations, enabling them to improve their leadership skills and increase the effectiveness of their organisations.

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