The Personality Revolution The Personality Revolution

Our approach

We can help you to understand the impact of your personality traits on your behaviour, ambitions and circumstances. If you struggle to fit into groups, lack motivation, or suffer from episodes of stress or low moods, we can explain how your personality traits increase your susceptibility. We can then assist you in positioning yourself better, increasing your effectiveness, and developing a fulfilling career and positive attitude towards life.

We take a holistic approach to personality. We focus on helping clients to understand conflicts between their personality traits and their environment. We do so by establishing the factors within the client's environment that are causing stress, low moods or other negative feelings, and helping them to identify appropriate changes in their behaviours, careers or lifestyles. In particular, we help clients understand unfavourable dynamics within the groups to which they belong, and help them to counter them.

We guide rather than coach or counsel. Life coaches attempt to increase their clients' levels of functioning by building up their confidence and improving life skills. They usually focus on helping clients achieve specific goals or objectives. Personality guides have a broader remit. They help clients to:

  • understand how their personalities and environments impact on their motivation, performance and level of positive feeling;
  • appreciate the dynamics of their social and work groups;
  • identify structural changes that they need to make in their livestyles in order to experience feelings of happiness on a more regular basis; and
  • empower them to make that journey by equipping them with emotional literacy skills.

We use a personality test, The Personality Revolution's Trait Indicator (PRTI), to help people to identify their personality traits. You can take it here, but you will need to enrol as a client to interpret your results. This test is a starting point only, but forms the basis for deeper exploration of your personality. We help clients with this process in face-to-face sessions and remotely using video calls.

Our services are not a substitute for medical treatment or counselling. Although we use some counselling techniques, we do not offer a counselling service and we advise clients who are recovering from traumatic events to seek the services of a qualified counsellor. In our opinion, many people are unnecessarily prescribed drugs to alleviate symptoms that could be relieved by changes to environment or thinking patterns. The increased use of cognitive behaviourial therapy is recognition of this fact. However, people with extreme personality traits or other psychological conditions may benefit greatly from medication. If a client is receiving medical treatment, we therefore ask the client to respect his or her doctor's advice.