The Personality Revolution The Personality Revolution

Our personality model

The Personality Revolution's Model of Personality has evolved from research and investigation into personality traits in the context of society. Most other models focus on personality from the perspective of individuals or employers. However, we believe that much more can be gained by considering the dynamics of human groups on a person's behaviour and mood.

Groups may be as small as a married couple or as large as a society. In modern society, we belong to many different, often overlapping, groups. Our effectiveness and levels of positive feelings will be greatly determined by the nature of our relationship with other group members, and the groups' cultures. To really understand our personalities and become happier and more effective, we need to view our personality traits in this wider context.

Groups provide us with a sense of identity and belonging, and offer protection and support. They enable us to achieve objectives collectively that would be beyond the reach of individuals. However, they can also impose restraits on action or force us to adopt behaviours that we find stressful. We should therefore attempt to position ourselves in groups with favourable cultures.

The ideal culture within an organisation will vary according to its objectives. In terms of society, however, one culture will become dominant. A revolution in communications is driving us towards a global society, but it is unclear whether such a society will be characterised by a culture of fear and exploitation, or hope and sustainability. A book series entitled The Personality Revolution is currently in production. It will use The Personality Revolution's Model of Personality to explain the economic, social and political dynamics operating in modern society and plot a course towards a sustainable, global society.